Why is SPF Important for your Skin Care Routine?

why spf is important for your skincare

We are slowly settling into a series of updated routines and daily lifestyles. The pandemic has affected our life patterns, what it looks like, for good. This applies to skincare routines also. The lockdown and work-from-home regimes have forced us to make drastic changes in our skincare routines as the skin itself reacts differently to prolonged non-exposure to outside.

See where I am going with this? Exactly. The question of sunscreens in skincare is an important issue to look into now. And that applies to you no matter where you are living in the world right now. This is why Korean skin care routine recommends the use of sunscreens in daily skincare.

As staying indoors has become the new normal, our exposure to the sun has decreased. Parallel to that, the amount of time we stare at either a computer or phone screen all day has increased. As the daily routines have merged with office work or online classes, we are receiving more harmful lights that are damaging to our eyes and skin. Flat-screen monitors, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices emit blue light that affects our eyes and skin. Continued and intense exposure to blue light can cause variations in pigmentation that retards the production of free radicals causing inflammation in the skin. The importance of SPF (sun protection factor) is not something that needs to be overlooked right now. No Korean makeup experts undermine the value of skin products with good SPF numbers.

What is SPF?

what is the mportance of spf in skincare


The sun protection factor indicates the capacity of a skincare product to protect the skin against the harmful effects of sunlight.  The UVB rays that comprise about 5% of the ultraviolet that reaches the earth’s surface are responsible for tans, sunburns, and allergies. The UVA rays, which comprise the other 95% are milder but can cause allergies and sunburns. A good skincare product must protect you from the harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun. SPF number indicates the time taken for the sun’s light to affect your skin when you are wearing a specific skincare product.

Advantages of SPF in skincare

Some of us are already familiar with the importance of sunscreens in the health and appearance of skin. Let us take a look at the top advantages of using sunscreen daily in your skincare routine.

  1. Even complexion

Uneven skin tones are mainly caused by inconsistent sunlight exposure to different parts of the body. Sunscreens are greatly beneficial to even out your skin tone and complexion. It will give a uniform glow to the skin and brightens up the body parts exposed to more daylight.

  1. Cumulative effect

You might think you are protected from the sunlight indoors. But have you ever considered the cumulative effect of UV rays, pollution, and a bad diet? Well, this reinforces the need for SPF in skincare even if you are inside the four walls of your rooms. And mind you, if your apartment or house uses a lot of glass doors, that can get you severely exposed to sunlight even if you don’t go outside.

  1. Anti-aging

Exposure to sun and UV rays can cause premature aging conditions in your skin. The harmful HEV light from computer screens also causes your skin to sag and produce dark marks imitating the skin conditions of an older age. Skincare products with a good SPF number such as Myellure’s BY ECOM honey glow ampoule whitening cream can help your skin gain back its youthfulness. The anti-aging formulae keep your skin rejuvenated and fresh all day long.

  1. Hydrating agents

Skincare products pregnant with SPF factors add extra hydration to the skin. Products like Anjo pure milk whitening cream and Aspasia UV brightening sunblock can offer complimentary hydrating formulae to keep your skin replenished and nourished. The hydration also works against early aging, so all in all, it’s great for your skin.

  1. Skin disorders

The penetration of harmful sunlight can cause various skin disorders ranging from allergies at the lowest level of the spectrum to skin cancers at the highest level of the spectrum. The negative effects and irritation on the skin due to sunlight can be diminished with the help of Korean skincare products that are rich in SPF content. Even the slightest sunburns can have permanent effects on the skin. So it is important to use good skincare products that offer protection.

  1. Risk of skin cancer

Some kinds of skin cancers can be particularly hazardous and life-threatening and they are caused due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight. Sunscreen products are an excellent means to protect your body against skin cancers.

  1. Health overall

Sunscreens are not limited to protect your skin against harmful rays of sunlight. Many dermatologists believe that using sunscreen on a daily basis is great for maintaining healthy and smooth skin. It helps to retain the necessary nutrients in the skin surface and encourages the production of free radicals.

Who should use SPF-rich products?

To answer simply, everyone must use SPF-based skincare products in their skincare regime. Sunscreens protect your skin from overexposure during the daily commute to work, eating out, or even during a casual walk. You don’t even have to choose a specific sunscreen product for this purpose. My ellure’s cerabiotics ampoule wrinkling & brightening cream offers dual functionality so that you don’t even have to remember to use any specific product for daily sun protection.

When and how to apply sunscreen



The best time to apply an SPF product is, undoubtedly in the morning, at least 15 minutes before you go out. This allows the sunscreen to penetrate the skin and bind to the cells. Even when you are working from home, you should make SPF products a part of your daily care routine, as they offer overall protection from all types of radiation. UV radiation can reach the earth even on cloudy days. So you cannot particularly benefit from skipping SPF on a rainy day. In hot and humid tropical climates, sunscreens are important innards of online makeup shopping.

Choosing a product

You can select a suitable product depending on your skin’s needs and type. It may also depend on your plans for the day. If you are planning for a long day outside, you must use sunscreens that are long-lasting. A minimum SPF of 17 will ensure a proper glow from morning to evening no matter what the outside weather is. The perfect sunscreen will give your neck and face a radiating glow all day.

Many people worry those using sunscreen lotions all day may become damaging to the skin. But the newest skincare products, especially those belonging to Korean skin care regimes do not pose that issue. They are safe, hydrating, and do not exude pungent odors. Most of My ellure’s sunscreen products are fit for daily use. You can easily find the best Korean skincare product from Korean shops in Dubai.

Instead of going for some generic sunscreen, you should use a broad-spectrum cream that can give you protection from all radiation and light, including the toxic blue light from screens. You might also want to consider your skin type before choosing a product. If your skin is sensitive to allergies, skin cream with fewer preservatives would be advantageous. Dry-skinned people can try out products with more moisturizing content. You can apply some good-quality moisturizers along with sunscreens.

It may take some time to figure out the right sunscreen product and routine for your skin, but it’s completely worth it. Many consider sunscreen as an unnecessary part of the skincare routine, but they are underestimating the number one damaging factor of the human skin-sunlight. Sunscreens and products containing good SPF numbers are crucial to maintaining healthy skin for a long time.





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