Tips for choosing the best facial cleansers: Do’s and Donts

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Having a clean base is the best way to create anything fascinating to the eyes. The beauty of the face some people have might fascinate. It creates questions within us like how they do that?, and how can I do that? A regular and effective skincare regime with an efficient cleansing method is the way to the solution for all these questions. Cleansing is a simple step in skincare, and there are several Korean cleansers available for a potent skincare routine.

Any other products like face serum, toner, moisturizer, and more provide the right result only if the cleansing is done properly. Every facial cleanser has its difference, and various skin types can get an advantage out of them. Skincare experts recommend cleaning your face with a cleanser twice a day to reset the skin tone for healthy skin. A little of the time and passion must be shared with the cleansing process of your face.

It is more than a way of cleaning the face when dirty or removing makeup. It refreshes the skin cells, cleans the pores, improving hydration, and more. How face cleansing is done is important alongside what to use and when to use. Here is some more information on how to clean your face effectively with dos and don’ts in the process.


In facial cleansing, some things must be done right to achieve the desired result. Go through the following tips that are to be done and ensure all of them are being practiced in your skincare regime.

Choose the right cleanser

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All cleansers available on the products aisle are not the perfect one for every skin type. Skincare brands say it to make some profit themselves. There is normal and healthy skin to the most sensitive and delicate skin types all around us. Cleansers are also made with various ingredients to achieve or decrease the intensity. So, selecting the right cleanser is significant for keeping the skin healthy.

Avoiding products containing synthetic fragrances is encouraged due to the allergic reactions it makes on delicate skin. Changing the cleanser according to how your skin sustains under every climatic condition is an option.

Dampen the face before starting cleansing

If facial cleanser makes the face perfect for more products on your list, splashing some water makes the face perfectly ready for a face cleanser. Applying a little water will help the cleanser to get under the dirt, dissolve, and clean the face much better.

Apply the right amount of cleanser

Most of the time, the promised result is not seen on the face after cleansing with a cleanser is due to the amount used. Your skin might be rough and need more product to penetrate enough to dig up the dirt. People have a tendency to reduce the amount of cleanser they apply on their face to keep the money spend on skincare products within control.

However, skincare experts never encourage this practice especially when it is in the case of cleansing the face. Each product detail will have information on the amount of solution needed for the right result on the skin. Always try to not overdo or underdo this amount.

Do the cleansing gentle and relaxing

Utilize the application period of any facial cleanser for a small facial massage with your hand. Smoothly apply the cleanser in different motions by changing the pressure on the finger to a level you feel comfortable with.

Lukewarm water is the way to go

Both cold and hot at their extremity can cause bad things on any skin. Lukewarm water is the way to go in cleansing the face without worrying about any unwanted reactions. Hot water is prohibited for this process is due to the extreme temperature that can dry out the skin very fast and create irritation. Coldwater is prohibited due to its inefficiency in getting the dirt out of the pores like hot water. So, the face can take advantage of both states of water at a moderate level.

A little moisturizer is good

After cleaning the face with a cleanser, applying a little moisturizer before rubbing the water off of the face is considered a good thing. It will balance the moisture level of the skin even after cleaning the water from the face with a cloth.


Like the things that have to be done, there are some major points to be avoided in facial cleansing. Dos is to get the right result and the don’ts are to not get into unwanted situations.

Never use anything without cleaning

Anything that includes the hands, clothes, and other products used for cleansing, all must be always kept clean. There is no meaning in cleaning the face with dirty hands or cleaning the water with a dirty cloth. So, always keep everything used for the facial cleansing clean.

Don’t be rough on your skin

Smooth motions with gentle pressure are enough to clean the face. People think that more effort and pressure on the face will help the cleanser to dig up the dirt. It is a misconception related to the normal cleaning procedures of anything we see around. The face is delicate even the skin comes in different types according to hardness and sensitivity.

This does not make the skin hard enough to stand rough treatment regularly. Find the right amount of pressure and never go too fast while rubbing the cleanser.

Never use bar soap on the face

Commonly, people use bar soap to wash their face when they are bathing, and it temporarily refreshes the skin. Although, that effect does not last long and the excessive pH level added in the bar soap will make the skin dried out fast. Dry skin will lead to dead cells, and that eventually results in dead skin. Furthermore, sensitive skin types also react badly even if the bar soap is used on the body excluding the face.

Avoid cleansing wipes

Cleaning the skin is not the work done by cleansing wipes you use during a busy day to keep the face clean. Instead, they will grab the dirt and debris along with the oil particles on the skin. Water is significant to completely remove the dirt and other particles out of the skin. Especially, never use a cleansing wipe when a cup of water and mild cleanser is needed for cleansing after a long day.

Purpose of face cleansers in the skin

The basic job of a facial cleanser is to remove dirt, bacteria, sweat, sebum, and everything that contaminates the skin. Sulfate-free cleanser products are the best to not get irritated with regular use on the skin. Cleansers available in the market have an element called Surfactants. They play the role of a cleaning agent that gets rid of all dirt from the outermost layer of the skin. The strength of the surfactants decides how intense each facial cleansers are and is suitable for what kind of skin.

Korean cleansers for different skin types

Dry skin needs more moisturizing agents to keep the skin cells healthy. A cleanser that has fatty acids, mineral oils, etc can clean the face alongside providing enough moisture.  Artificial fragrance, chemicals, alcohol, and any other drying agents should not be an ingredient in the cleanser you chose for the skin. Some extreme-level exfoliators with glycolic and salicylic acids also dry your skin fast.

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Naturally available things like aloe vera and tea tree oil are best for cleansing oily skin effectively. The oil production on the skin will be balanced with these products, and they never leave the skin dried out. This is the same with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin need extra care while choosing a facial cleanser. A complete naturally induced cleanser should be used.

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  1. Claire Masters says:

    I’ve been struggling with acne for ten years now since I was a teenager. From now on, I’m going to avoid using bar soap on my face as it only dries out my skin due to the imbalance in the pH levels. I hope I could finally find a cleanser that would work for my skin condition.

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