Skin Care Routine for Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin

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Acne-prone skin is an inevitable condition at least once in the lifetime of almost everyone. Skincare industry is flooded with natural and chemical products like sheet masks, Korean cleansers, and more. A healthy skincare routine and lifestyle is the first thing to consider if trying to get rid of acne. Knowing everything about acne is the first thing that has to be done before getting into some extreme regime.

What condition is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that is normally found in almost all people due to the state of oil glands and hair follicles. The glands in these areas are responsible for the production of sebum to keep the skin and hair strands moisturized. Pimples of various kinds will appear on the skin if those pores get clogged by any cause.

Treatment methods are available for preventing the situation of pimples being born and cleaning the existing ones.  It is significant to find the type of skin and acne you have before going further into treatments. Some acne conditions can simply be treated without using any kind of skincare product. So, let’s take a look at the different kinds of acne that can affect any skin.

Inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne are the two types of acne you might interfere with daily. Normally seen blackheads and whiteheads on the skin are referred to as non-inflammatory acne and the more reddish looking thick pimples are inflammatory. The severity of both acne conditions is different. Inflammatory pimples might seem bigger in looks and could be painful most of the time. However, the non-inflammatory ones like blackheads and whiteheads are easy to spot and get rid of.

Know the skin you have

Treatment for acne-prone skin is available in different forms. The right treatment method must be chosen only after making sure about the skin type you have.  Doing extreme treatment methods for small and normal pimples could make the situation worse. It might increase the oil production or completely stops its production and lead to itching sensation along with other irritation.

Skincare products are available in different ingredient levels to make them suitable for various skin types. Major skin types include normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. The conditions you living, the lifestyle you have alongside the diet, any medical conditions, and medications can influence the process of defining the type of skin you have.

To find out what kind of skin you have, clean the face with a cleanser and dry it with a cloth. Leave the skin away from any environment that can pollute the face alongside trying to not touch the face. Observe the changes that happened on the skin after some amount of time. There will be no many changes on normal skin and it also feels great as long as you stay clean.

Oily skin can be confirmed if you see the shiny look and greasy texture on the skin while a dry and itchy texture tells it as dry skin. Sensitive skin is the one that experiences itching, inflammation, or any kind of likewise sensations. The last skin type is a combination skin that will have half and half sections for dry and oily textures.

Efficient Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin

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A perfect skincare regime is the only way to healthy skin that is not contaminated with pimples and irritations. It is encouraged even if your skin is in a healthy state to prevent future problems from occurring due to carelessness.

Always keep the skin clean

Cleaning the skin is the one thing that is significant for healthy skin. Gently wash the face with a mild cleansing agent. Do it twice to make sure all the physically removable dirt on your face is gone. It removes sweat, oily particles, makeup, and anything that can irritate the skin. It offers a fresh glow and a clean base for upcoming skincare products or makeup.

Washing the face twice with a mild cleansing product is much recommended for all skin types. It ensures that your skin is not containing any kind of particles that can clog the pores on the skin. There are acne-fighting face washes available but they are much effective to a level that your skin might not need. So, keep it simple and use normal products that will dissolve and take away dirt without making the skin irritated for washing the face.

Popping the pimples is entertainment and satisfaction for many. Although, it is better if you leave the pimples alone for preventing future scars and to not create entrances for bacterias.


Exfoliation is not a process that is recommended for all skin types due to how it works. An exfoliator can remove dead skin from the surface and make the way for the underlying skin to be visible. This might be an extreme thing to do on sensitive skin so you need to be careful.

By removing the hard dead skin from the top, it makes the skin smooth and free from almost every particle that can cause acne.

Face Toners

After washing and cleaning the face, what about the remaining particles that are not reachable with cleansers? The use of face toners must be practiced regularly to deep clean the face by erasing any trace of oily particles and other dirt. Improving the hydration level on the skin is another benefit of face toners. Furthermore, they are capable of restoring or balancing the pH balance of your skin immediately due to their acidic nature.

Use Moisturizers

Moisturizers help the skin to stay hydrated and protect the outer layer from getting dried out immediately. Moisturization is recommended and encouraged for all skin types, oily or not. The natural oils residing on your skin get washed away by the use of exfoliators and toners. So, it is the job of moisturizers is to retain skin to its normal state.

Some makeup products are also capable of drying out the skin fast. Moisturizing before the application of other products or makeup, it is always good to create a barrier to the moisturized skin layer.

Always stay hydrated

Using any of the skincare products never comes up to the level of a natural process of being hydrated. Drink enough water and increase the amount if you are more sweaty. It will make the skin cells alive and plump.

Apply SPF whenever going out

Any kind of skin does not matter, all have to use any of the best SPF products available before going out on an extremely sunny day. People tend to avoid this step to prevent the clogging of pores on the skin due to the thickness of sunscreen products. This is a mistake done because of not having enough knowledge on the matter.

The use of all the products like exfoliators, toners, cleansers, and more can make the skin delicate and more vulnerable to sunlight. A direct hit of UV rays from the sun can cause fast drying and wrinkled skin. Beyond everything, SPF products are available now in lightweight versions to not make it irritating for people with sensitive skin.

You can seek Korean beauty shops in Dubai like My Ellure to get your hands on high-quality skincare products including toners, moisturizers, sheet masks, SPF, etc.

Thoughts on skincare to prevent acne

Acne-prone skin can be avoided with an efficient skincare regime without using any chemicals on your skin. You can try any products from Beauty korea Dubai has to offer according to the skin you have. Always try to keep your hands from touching the face a lot. Exercise daily to regulate the blood flow all over the body, that including under the skin layers. Another important thing is to stay hydrated and away from extreme conditions that can make the skin dirty and sunlight that can burn the skin cells.

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