SOOSUL Whitening Body Tone-Up Cream -120 ML

AED 95.00

This is very light, Oil-free, and sticky-free texture. It is easy to control the amount when using. Matt smooth finish which allows to look more naturally toned-up and bright immediately. Long-lasting due to balance of moisture element and tone-up element.

Soosul Whitening Body-Tone up Cream Benefits:
✔️Whitening cream that can immediately tone-up your skin.
✔️Have smooth and moisturizing texture.
✔️Flawless finish without any stickiness.
✔️Naturally brightens up your skin.
✔️Contains SangHwang mushroom, which has whitening function that will help skin bright up in long term use as well
Even more effective on darkened area (Elbow, Knee, etc.)
✔️Can be used in blending make up on your face to your neck and shoulders.
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