Glow and Shine Special Offer Set

AED 260.00

Muse Vera – The Mimo Booster 150ml

Buy Muse Vera – The Mimo Booster 150ML  helps in whitening and wrinkle improvement. It brightens the regular skin tone, reducing wrinkles, rejuvenation, moisturizes, and helps in restoration of skin pores and cells.

Muse Vera – The Mimo Serum Whitone Complex 45ml

The Mimo Korean Serum in essence type to care skin whitening and pore at one time  to reduce anti-aging signs and improve skin texture

Muse Vera -The Mimo Hydrater Whitone Complex 50 ml

It provides instant moisturizing of the facial skin by giving a feeling of comfort and freshness. Active ingredients have a whitening effect, eliminate pigmentation, and smooth the face tone by giving bright radiant skin. This hydrator prevents the signs of anti-aging by helping to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles.