Scalp exfoliation: What is it and how to do exfoliation the right way?

scalp exfoliate


There is no doubt that we spend a considerable amount of our time, attention, and resources on maintaining thick and lush hair. But what about the scalp? Experts suggest that a healthy and clean scalp is necessary for the growth and nourishment of hair strands. Scalp exfoliation can increase the blood flow, scale away dead cells and remove excess oil or dandruff. Korean Skincare and Cosmetic UAE  prescribe the best chemical exfoliants and scrubs that can offer immediate positive results.

What is scalp exfoliants?

scalp exfoliation

Hair follicles and hair emerge from the scalp, therefore it’s essential to take care of them. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells and dirt from the skin using a chemical or natural substance. You can use exfoliating hair products and chemical exfoliants to get the desired results. Scalp exfoliation allows for the growth of healthy hair by exposing new skin and hair strands. Many individuals focus on their hair instead of their scalp, but the reality is that a strong scalp leads to good hair. It eliminates buildup on the scalp, enabling our natural oils to nurture and protect the scalp and hair. Everything is kept in check by our natural sebum, which prevents a dry scalp. It also enables oils to nurture and preserve the mid-lengths and ends of our hair.

Benefits of scalp exfoliants

The scalp is the place where your hair grows. It is necessary to scrub your scalp with the assistance of the best hair products in order to keep it healthy. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells, debris, and oils from the scalp. This might be as a result of environmental conditions or a chemical-laden hair product.

Exfoliating your scalp refreshes the skin, which aids in the growth of healthy hair cells. Many individuals focus on their hair but ignore their scalp, which is one of the reasons why dead layers continue to accumulate and hinder hair development.

  1. Cleans the scalp

Exfoliating your scalp regularly may prevent accumulation and dandruff. The hair follicles become clogged and hair does not develop as well when there is accumulation, however, exfoliation helps to keep the scalp clear of buildup. Substance buildup, such as dry shampoo, gel, and other style products, is removed with exfoliation.

  1. Improves the quality of hair

While you scrub the scalp, you’re cleaning out the hair follicles. Your hair grows healthier, resulting in a shinier appearance. Exfoliators for the scalp may also aid in the removal of transient hard water deposits in haircare product accumulation. Some of the best Korean skincare products ensure that your hair remains healthy while reducing the chances of damage.

  1. Prevents dryness

The presence of flakes on your scalp does not always indicate the presence of dandruff. It might mean that your scalp is extremely dry and/or itchy. Cleansing the scalp enables its essential oils to nurture and maintain the health of our scalp and hair. This keeps our hair free of dandruff and avoids a dry scalp.

  1. Enhanced hair growth

a  scalp cleanser on a regular basis can help hair develop in a healthy environment. You can reduce the enzyme activity that adds to the normal shed rate by eliminating dead skin cells from the scalp. You can’t expect to live a healthy life while never dusting your house. The same may be said for your hair. Getting rid of dead skin cells stimulates cellular turnover on your scalp, which allows for better hair growth.

  1. Eliminates dead layers

Dirt, grime, and dandruff accumulate on your scalp if you don’t wash it correctly. We also utilise a variety of hair treatments, such as hair gels and mists that obstruct hair follicles. This inhibits hair development even further. Rinsing your scalp can help remove product buildup, dirt, and grime.

How to use scalp exfoliants

You don’t have to be severe while exfoliating your scalp to get rid of all the buildup. The trick is to be kind. There are several different scalp scrubbing products among hair products on the market. Choose a product based on the type of hair on your head. If you have a delicate scalp, check with your doctor before choosing a product.

Exfoliation of the scalp is generally done on wet, freshly shampooed hair. Start by applying the product straight to the scalp in sections of your hair. With your fingertips, massage your scalp in a circular manner. Rinse well with water. You may also exfoliate with an exfoliating brush or glove. When you’re using a mechanical exfoliator, stroking in a clockwise direction in a mild manner might assist.

Side effects for scalp exfoliation

Exfoliation on the scalp is the latest addition to different skincare routines. It helps extreme oily skin a lot and cleans it better. However, this does not mean that all exfoliant products are medication without any side effects. Over exfoliation can create problems on the skin doesn’t matter where the region of that skin portion is.

Doing exfoliation even for one time can affect some individuals with sensitive skin structures. Three situations when the exfoliation of the scalp is not recommended include sensitive skin, scalp with an open wound or cut, skin with any bacterial infection, and if the head has lice in it. Exfoliation of the scalp with any of these conditions might cause irritation, swelling, or other discomforts.

Exposing an exfoliated head under extreme sunlight is also not a good idea. The scalp skin will be delicate after an exfoliation process so the cells of the skin can get immediately affected with sunbeams. It will eventually lead to hair loss, sunburn, dry hair, etc.

Pick the right chemical exfoliants

Chemical exfoliators are one of the major products sold out on the shelves in the market. They all come in different levels according to how effective they are. Making sure about the kind of skin anyone has is the first thing to consider before going for an extremely effective exfoliator.  AHA and BHA are the two kinds of chemical exfoliators and they both work differently.

AHA is made of lactic acid and the BHA is made of salicylic acid. The penetration power is higher for exfoliators containing acid with smaller particles. Products with ingredients that slowly penetrate are the best to be gentle with the skin. AHAs are more recommended for people with sensitive skin due to their slow effectiveness.

BHAs are salicylic acids and have the characteristic to penetrate the skin deeply and cause issues related to pigmentation. A mild exfoliator is the best choice for both individuals with sensitive skin and beginners who just adding scalp exfoliation into their skincare regime.

Check how effective the exfoliator is on the skin

Testing the exfoliators on the skin is the best way to know how effective it is for any specific skin. Try a little exfoliator on any region of the body other than the face and head. Using any exfoliator straight before confirming its penetration power could become a big mistake. The better hair products can be chosen after testing several products on hands or other parts with a similar skin structure as your scalp.

Daily Usage of Chemical Exfoliators

An exfoliation is a good option for cleaning the skin thoroughly, but like anything else, overuse of exfoliators also causes problems. Recommended frequency of using exfoliators on the scalp or anywhere else on the skin is three times a week. Or the skin will eventually get thinned out from the outer surface and starts irritating even with a small dusty surrounding. The time of using exfoliators can be increased if the product used is the mildest one and will not give any irritating sensations to the skin.

As the Korean beauty and skincare industry gets more and more popular among residents of Dubai, chemical exfoliants based on Korean formulas are also becoming major hits. One of the most attractive things is about these hair products is their greater degree of organic ingredients and lesser risk of damaging the scalp. There is no confusion that these products will certainly lead the beauty Korea Dubai industry in UAE.


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