Guide to gain a smooth and perfect Korean Glass skin

Its been a few years since the skincare product aisles in the market started to fill up with Korean beauty products. Glass skin became a trend after the introduction of various Korean cleansers, soothing gels, and more.  My Ellure is a reputed distributor of several products from K beauty and cosmetics Dubai has that can help to achieve a Glass Skin yourself.

Koren’s skincare products and routines became dominant in the industry with their revolutionary ingredients and new products. It is said because the trend of Glass skin started with them. Who can say no to a skin that looks beautiful, smooth, and healthy all at the same time with a small gloss on the surface? You might have wondered about how all those models on your TV screen do that.

All there is that, glass skin is achievable for anyone who can keep up with a quality skincare routine. Adding a few more steps into the skincare routine might be the only thing you have to do to get a glass skin. Let us take a look at what makes a skin called Glass Skin and how to achieve it.

What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin

Glass skin is that skin you might have looked at and wondered about the luminous glow on the surface. Everything about the skin will be perfect and healthy on glass skin. The skin will be highly hydrated and moisturized with it and will look flawless, smooth, radiant, and tight. Glass Skin trend started in Korea and it got adopted all across the globe among skincare enthusiasts.

A quality skincare routine is a must to gain that Glass look on your skin and it should be followed regularly without fail. The routine is not only about high-end products that applied to the skin. Instead, it needs a diet that contains all essential nutrients, water to hydrate natural hydration, regular exercise, enough sleep, and more.

How to Gain Glass Skin?

Clear skin, luminous skin, and several other names are used to describe Glass skin. A glass skin appears when several factors come together all at the same time inside and outside layers of your skin. Always being hydrated does not make it look that way, or the use of expensive skincare products without enough care too can’t give you the desired result.

Another major requirement to gain Glass skin is patience. A healthy and luminous skin that everyone loves is not an overnight phenomenon. It will take time and effort. Moreover, the time to achieve this will be different for different skin types, and it also depends on how healthy your skin already is. Here is a regime that can help your skin to acquire a Glass Skin surface.

Double Cleansing

Cleaning anything twice surely makes it far better. Double cleansing the skin before applying any makeup or other products will do a lot for smooth skin. It will make the skin surface ready for anything or nothing that happens on the skin after that. All the visible dirt, oil, pollutants, etc will be cleaned by the first cleaning process done using micellar water or cleansing oil.

The second cleansing process is done with a cream cleanser or foam washer to get rid of small dirt particles and ensures the purest state that anyone can achieve on their skin effortlessly.


Exfoliation does a lot for clean and healthier skin on your face. It will remove the dead skin from the face and opens up the way for the underlying new skin to be shown. A new fresh look and clear skin is the result of an exfoliating process. Exfoliators are available at different pH levels that makes it better for different types of skin.

Physical exfoliators like scrubs can be used manually to remove the dead skin. Friction and small particles embedded or applied on the scrubs will scratch over the dead skin and remove it from the healthy skin layer. Chemical exfoliators are also effective lactic and glycolic acids that can penetrate deep into the skin and clear out every last bit of dead skin from the face. You can choose an effective exfoliator after considering the type of skin you have.

Face Toners

Applying toners can help to keep the skin intact with enough hydration and moisture for a long period. Toners also come with chemical and natural ingredients. Korean cleansers and toners including natural ingredients like tea leaves, aloe vera, apple cedar vinegar, and more can be selected for toning any skin. Furthermore, it is better if you stay away from toners including chemicals like alcohol because they can dry out the skin fast.

Natural ingredients are much better at offering moisture and they can balance or restore the pH level of the skin. Dampening a cotton pad with a quality toner and smoothly rubbing is the way to apply toners to the face. Palms are also enough in a case where you prefer the natural method in the process of caring for the skin.

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Add Essence

Essence is a middle-level employee in a skincare regime who works with a thickness, not enough up to serum yet thicker than a toner. They can penetrate the skin and clean the surface alongside providing enough hydration and moisture. It does prime your face for makeup through hydrating more.

However, it is not at all a replacement for any moisturizing cream but a bonus for ensuring the durability of moisturized skin. Ingredients used in an essence are mostly natural and not extreme for any skin type. The long-lasting hydration provided with essence is enough to stop the skin from experiencing breakouts and helping it to seem glowing.

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Apply Serums

Serums are the most important products recommended for getting Glass skin. They boost the skin with essentials for nutrition and hydrating the skin alongside providing antioxidants to stop creating oxidative stress. You need to wait for a little for the toner to get completely absorbed by the skin and seal it with the serum.

Some of them are effective to balance the color of your skin and help it from any kind of pigmentation problems. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid in serums are the best for keeping the moisture intact over the skin. They also make the skin smooth by minimizing pores and tightening the cells to reduce wrinkles temporarily. All these conditions are inevitable to achieve Glass skin.

Serums with ingredients with Vitamin C help the skin for good structure by encouraging the production of collagen, which are the main building blocks on the skin.

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Moisturize the skin

There is no need for excitement in finding a moisturizer in the skincare routine. Besides, you cannot overlook the benefits of moisturizer for the skin. Choosing a product that has more moisture content and less weight is the way to go. Lightweight product is encouraged due to the number of layers of products used to get such a great result. Using a final layer of moisturizer will seal everything used under it and like the name says, moisturize the skin.

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Use Eye Creams

Eye creams can be used to protect the delicate skin on the eye region of your face. They are one of the lightest products used in the whole routine and are less influenced by harsh chemicals to not irritate the sensitive parts of your eyes. Different eye creams can be selected for removing dark regions around the eyes, moisturizing, removing puffiness, and more.

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Masking the face

Sealing everything with a mask after the application of moisturizer can help the skin stay hydrated. They are also helpful in pulling out impurities that eventually come up to the surface from underneath the skin layer.

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Always use Sunscreens

Doing everything helps you to gain that glassy smooth look on the skin. However, they can get destroyed easily while you go out into extreme sunlight and get in contact with UV rays. So, applying sunscreen products before going out is encouraged for both keeping your effort long-lasting and protecting you from sunburns. You can find all kinds of Korean skincare and cosmetic UAE and SPF products online and offline across Dubai.

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