Face toners: How and why they are a boon for your skin?

face tonrs for oily skin


Face toner has a history of bad reputation that came due to some misconceptions. Although, they made it back into the most wanted list of people who are deep into healthy skincare routines. Now, they are one item always trending in the products from Korean skin care and cosmetic UAE offers across the country. This popularity is due to some benefits they offer anyone by using on any skin.

It can be quoted as a ground-laying solution for any kind of skincare routine that you are following. Face toners are recommended to be used after cleaning the face with water and before applying any other skincare products or makeup. Every kind of skin including strong and delicate once have face toners that work perfectly on that skin.

Any stubborn dirt and oily texture will be gone by using a face toner. However, it cannot be considered as a replacement for washing the face with soap, but an extra step for purifying the skin. Toners are available with different pH levels to be beneficial to various types of skins. Let us take a deep look into some interesting facts and benefits of face toners.

How and when to use face toners?

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Anyone can use face toner to clean their face thoroughly after cleaning the face with soap and water. The only thing to be noted is that the toner you are using is not too aggressive for the skin type you have. Yes, there are differences in the face toner’s ability which is related to the ingredients used in them. People with Korean skin care products dubai mostly have a face toner stocked with them.

The changes in the level of ingredients used also can make differences in the concentration of a toner. Rosewater, Tea tree oil, Vitamin E ingredients, Aloe Vera, Antioxidants, and rosewater are used in face toners for different purposes such as cleaning up oil, hydration, fighting inflammation, soothing, and more.

Using a face toner is simple as just applying it with anything clean. A cotton pad can be used for better application by pouring some toner onto it. Palms are also a better choice for the natural application of face toner onto your skin.  All that needs to be made sure is to apply a face toner after cleaning the face and before offering space for any other products on the skin.

Usually recommended routine to use a face toner is once each in the morning and at night. For delicate skin with more possibility to get itchy with skincare products can reduce the use to once a day.

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Benefits of using face toners

Face toners are great for making the skin look smooth with fewer pores and other scars. Besides, they are responsible to naturally remove all the dirt, oil, and impurities efficiently. They make the hydration creams and moisturizers more effective on any kind of skin. Here are some major benefits you can have through using a high-quality face toner in the skincare routine.

Clearing the skin from dirt

Washing the face with soap or face wash does not mean your skin is clean from all kinds of impurities. Small pores on the face can carry dirt in micro size and will not get cleared even if you pour a bucket of water. Instead, a face toner can get into those pores and dig up that dirt easily from the outer layer of your skin.

It makes the pores look smaller

The irregularities on the skin surface are mostly due to the wide-open pores on the skin. Face toners can make the pores look minimized by taking the dirt out of them and closing them temporarily. Closed pores make the skin look smooth and clean.

Face toner can tighten the skin

Face toners are used to make the skin less aged by tightening it. They will regulate skin at the perfect pH balance and it will not take much time to show the needed results on your skin. However, it is not a permanent solution for aging skin but regular use will keep the condition away from getting worse.

It helps to keep the skin refreshed

Cleaning the face from any dirt is the primary goal of a face toner and this comes along with ingredients apt for refreshing the skin. Moisturizing or making the skin ready to get more benefits from moisturizers is one of them. This provides more space for the skin to breathe, relax, and stay refreshed.

Selecting the perfect face toner for you

There is a chance to get astonished with the number of korean face toner available in the market while you searching for one. It might make the way to a decision lot harder. Avoiding products with more chemicals and going with a more natural side is the best you can do for the skin. Using extreme chemicals if you have delicate skin can cause more skin-related issues. So, natural and less irritating products are the best for any kind of skin.

Look for chemical ingredients such as alcohol, Benzoyl Peroxide, parabens, salicylic acid, and fragrances in the ingredients list and avoid those products from your skincare routine. Alcohol is not recommended due to causing effect of over dryness on the skin. Some ingredients in this list are pure chemicals that are toxic and not good for the long run of your skin. Furthermore, it is best to use products with natural fragrances instead of chemically induced fragrances on the skin.

Major ingredients seen in natural face toners include green tea, aloe vera, rose water oil, witch hazel, and some extra refreshers. Always look for face toners with these ingredients on the list because they will not create any irritation on the skin for any kind of skin.

Most asked questions on Face toners

You might have questions about everything you just got information on. Here are some of the most asked questions about face toners from long-term customers and skincare enthusiasts.

What is the major purpose of using face toners on the skin?

Applying some of the best quality face toners can clean the pores on the skin from every bit of dirt remaining. They help to restore and balance the pH level alongside smoothening the skin.

Is using a face toner necessary for the skin?

Using a face toner is not a necessary step in any skincare routine but it helps for effective application of any other products by making the skin clean and ready for them. It will clean the oily skin and make the skin refreshing under everything you apply over it.

How many times can you apply face toners in a day?

Face toners are recommended to use twice a day, that is before applying any other products on the face in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Why face toners more recommended for oily skin?

Some face toners that are humectants can attract moisture. This will help the skin to stay moisturized or help other moisturizers not get dried out fast. Oily skin is more happened when the skin is low in moisture.

Overuse of face toners bad for the skin?

Overuse of any skincare products is bad for your skin. In the case of face toners, it is better if you stayed on the natural side of the products. Always say no to alcohol-based toners available out there in the market. They cannot do any better than natural toners and can make the skin dried out fast.

Are there any downsides to leaving the toner on the face overnight?

Leaving the face toner overnight on your skin does not have any downsides. Although, cleaning the toner before going to bed is preferred if your skin is delicate and feels irritations after some time of applying the toner. You can get any kind of face toners and other skincare products from Myellure,beauty korea Dubai for affordable prices.

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