Skin Care Routine for Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin

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  Acne-prone skin is an inevitable condition at least once in the lifetime of almost everyone. Skincare industry is flooded with natural and chemical products like sheet masks, Korean cleansers, and more. A healthy skincare routine and lifestyle is the first thing to consider if trying to get rid of acne. Knowing everything about acne […]

Scalp exfoliation: What is it and how to do exfoliation the right way?

scalp exfoliate

  There is no doubt that we spend a considerable amount of our time, attention, and resources on maintaining thick and lush hair. But what about the scalp? Experts suggest that a healthy and clean scalp is necessary for the growth and nourishment of hair strands. Scalp exfoliation can increase the blood flow, scale away […]

Guide to gain a smooth and perfect Korean Glass skin

Its been a few years since the skincare product aisles in the market started to fill up with Korean beauty products. Glass skin became a trend after the introduction of various Korean cleansers, soothing gels, and more.  My Ellure is a reputed distributor of several products from K beauty and cosmetics Dubai has that can […]

What Your Skin Needs (and What It Doesn’t) for Summer

An efficient skincare routine is really important for beautiful and healthy skin under all circumstances. Korean skin care products are the best companions for people who are always concerned about their skin. Dubai offers the best Korean skin care products for all types of skin online and offline through reputed establishments like Myellure. However, the […]


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There may be many reasons for unnatural hair losses, most of which we are already familiar with. Hereditary, hormonal and psychological factors contribute to hair loss and the thin volume of hair. But what is the role of your diet in your lessening hair volume? Scientists suggest that dietary habits have a direct and brutal […]

What are Skin Pores? Tips and Tricks to Minimize your Pores

Skin pores

Skin pores are one of the most common skin problems that are faced by people of all ages and geographies. Pores can happen due to many reasons increasing hormonal changes and wrong lifestyle choices. Korean cosmetics offer answers to the long-existing question of pore treatment through the careful usage of Korean skincare products that reduces […]